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    Would you like to know what is wrong with Jim and Sons? Absolutely nothing! For the past two weeks I have had a horrible squealing noise coming from underneath my truck. A friend looked at it, told me it was the u-joints and offered to fix it for me. While I did appreciate his generosity, the squealing continued after his attempt. I then took my truck to a large chain auto service center to get their opinion and an estimate. Their diagnosis was also the u-joints and their estimate was through the roof. I asked another friend if he knew of an honest affordable place that I could take my vehicle. Before I could finish asking he blurted out "Jim and Sons". I set up an appointment to have my truck looked at the next day. Beverly and Max were two people that I dealt with at Jim and Sons. I do not think I have ever had a more pleasant experience dealing with anyone not only in an Auto shop but also in any service industry as I had with those two. My truck was dropped off the following day. Beverly was nice enough to drive me back to work within minutes. A few hours later Max called to let me know that my truck was ready. Not only did they save me well over $200.00, they also fixed the u-joint that my friend installed incorrectly.I would recommend Jim and Sons in a heartbeat to anyone. Do yourself a favor and go see them. You will not regret it.

    Jeffrey Coleman Akron Ohio


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